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How to become a representative of the “East-West” Austrian publishing house in your region and provide additional income

If you are interested in helping your friends and colleagues to publish material on international scientific publishing houses (journals, monographs, conferences etc.) you can become our representative.

Despite all the measures we have taken to improve the availability of scientific publications, we are aware than not all authors who need to publish the results of their research can do so. The reasons for that can vary: lack of information about our publishing house, lack of time or technical skills, language barrier.

In such cases we depend on your help. The help of “Representatives”.

Representation in your region. Overview

Cooperative work between the “East West” Association (hereinafter publishing house) and the representatives at place (hereinafter representatives) does not suggest geographic restrictions. Collaboration with the publishing house is carried via electronic mail. With the authors- at working or educational place, or any other means you find fit for yourself

The aim of the representatives at places is to maximally ease the process of publication for a wide range of scientific of educational workers, and for all the interested in this individuals.

The objectives of the representatives include:

  1. Explaining the need of scientific publications.
  2. Helping with the choice of a suitable scientific publication house.
  3. Collection of articles.
  4. Checking the validity of author materials.
  5. Sending the author materials to the publishing house via email.
  6. In case of acceptance of the materials for publication, payment for the scientific article.
  7. Cooperation with the publishing home at correction of publications, expansion of the list of scientific publications, improvement of the efficiency of cooperative work.

The representative has the right to:

  1. Refer to the publishing house for methodical help and informational support.
  2. To the official, certificate validated representative of the publishing house at the selected territory/ at the chosen educational institution(s).
  3. Receive financial reward for your activity.

If you are interested in our proposition and you want to become a representative of the publishing house at your University (ies)/ regions, send us an email at [email protected] with a short piece of information about yourself (Name, Last name, the field of your activity), we will overview your candidacy and send you information about the financial reward of the Representatives, and also methodical recommendations on the organization of the work process.

The East West Association publishing house is open for collaboration and will be happy to be offered your propositions about the increase of the quality and effectiveness of mutual work!