Austrian official bulletin Amtsblatt of the Wiener Zeitung newspaper with information on the East West Association GMbH tax reporting. New report for 2015 will be published in September-October 2016.

Report for 2013 – read online – p. 42, right column, block 3 from above.

Report for 2014 – read online – p. 39, left column, block 6 from the bottom.



Certificates from the ISSN International Centre (Paris) on eligibility of the ISSNs assigning to all journals of the East West Association GMbH:

  • ISSN 2310-5577 European Science Review
  • ISSN 2310-5593 Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ISSN 2310-5607 Austrian Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences
  • ISSN 2310-5631 European Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry
  • ISSN 2310-5658 European Journal of Archaeology and History Research
  • ISSN 2310-5666 European Journal of Arts
  • ISSN 2310-5674  European Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences
  • ISSN 2310-5690 European Journal of Economics and Management Sciences
  • ISSN 2310-5704 European Journal of Education and Applied Psychology
  • ISSN 2310-5712 European Journal of Law and Political Sciences
  • ISSN 2310-5720 European Journal of Literature and Linguistics