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Monograph "Special features of modern legal systems: cases and collisions"

Austrian ISBN and output data of the Austrian publishing company are given to monographs. Circulation of 1000 copies is specified in the output data.

Standard output data of a separate article: Smith, Mark. Economic development in Southern Europe // Sustainable economic development of regions / ed. by I.Kaufer. – «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH, Vienna, 2016. – P. 110-137.

Articles are accepted till February 7, 2016. Term of printed books distribution is up to 35 working days after the final date of reception of articles.

Languages of the published articles – English, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

The minimum volume of article by one author or by a group of coauthors is 12 pages (21600 characters without blank characters). All received articles will be structured as chapters of multi-authored monograph.

There is no payment for coauthors, three complimentary copies of the book are provided to the primary author. An author can send several articles to one or several monographs.

Monographs are published in Austria, Germany or Slovenia and sent by registered parcel post. Part edition of the publication is sent to the libraries of the largest higher education institutions of Austria and to the National Library of Austria.

Cost of services



Publication of 1 page of text (1800 characters without blank characters), including title page, footnotes and references

8 euro / 11 USD

Pictures (photos, diagrams), formulas or charts in the text of article

+ 20% to the total cost of the publication of article

Receiving of 3 copies of a book, including cost of postage


Receiving of 1 additional copy of a book, including cost of postage

25 euro / 33 USD

Receiving of e-version of a book


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