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Europäische Wissenschaft Abgeben№ 1/2015

ISSN 2313-2477

The journal is registered and published in Austria.

Articles in humanities, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences are published in the journal. Journal is published in German only. Example of output data of an article – Mark, Smith. Humanitäre Ansätze auf das Periodengesetz // Europäische Wissenschaft Abgeben, «East West» Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna. 7-8 (4) 2015, - pp. 112-117.

Periodicity: 4 issues per year. Articles are accepted till the 30th day of the months:

  • Till the 28th of March
  • Till the 30th of June
  • Till the 30th of September
  • Till the 30th of December

The journal is intended for students, graduate students, postgraduate students, postdoctoral students, recent graduates, teachers, academic researchers and practitioners.

Term of distribution of electronic layout of publication – up to 30 days after the last day of reception of articles for the current issue, distribution of printed copies – up to 15 working days upon approval of electronic layout.

The journal is published in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and sent by registered parcel post. Part edition of publication is sent to the National Library of Austria and to the libraries of the largest higher education institutions of Austria.

Main sections of the journal:

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Biotechnologies
  • Chemistry
  • Demography and ethnography
  • Economics and Management
  • Engineering sciences in general
  • Geography
  • Geodesy
  • Geology
  • History and archaeology
  • Informatics
  • Journalism
  • Legal studies
  • Machine engineering
  • Materials science
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics
  • Medicine
  • Pedagogy
  • Philology and linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Regional studies and human geography
  • Religion studies
  • Sociology
  • Study of art and cultural studies
  • Transportation

Cost of services



Publication of 1 article in the journal up to 6 pages of the text (10800 characters without blank characters), including receiving of 1 printed copy of the magazine

70 euro / 91 USD

Pictures (photos, diagrams), formulas or charts in the text of article

+ 20% to the total cost of the publication of article

Publication of 1 page of the text over the included volume

8 euro / 11 USD

Receiving of 1 additional printed copy of the journal, including cost of postage

25 euro / 33 USD

Receiving of e-version of the journal


Professional translation of article into German from English, French or Spanish (upon request, not an obligatory condition), for 1 page of text – 1800 characters without blank characters

12 euro / 16 USD

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