Academic degree for each research scientist, including young scientists, is an aim towards which he goes for several years. It is the result of his research work. A research scientist, being a candidate for an academic degree, should capture the essence of his researches in scientific publications to which certain requirements are imposed. They have to be written in proper style and have logical structure.

In translation from Latin "publication" means disclosure of a certain information. In the modern sense, information is presented to the society, using mass media and various printing editions.

The reviewed scientific journals are editions in which information received from both theoretical, and empirical researches is provided. Also the scientist can publish the historical documents or literary texts prepared by him. Thus, all scientific publications can be divided into two groups: source study and research.

A scientific article is a publication of scientific character in which both intermediate and final results of researches of one or several scientists can be given.

Publication of scientific articles provides only those aspects which belong to the subject of the issue.

In order to publish a scientific article in a scientific periodic journal it should be handed over by the author in editorial office of the journal in a full complete form; an article should conform to all requirements which are imposed to scientific publications. As a rule, for authors' assistance they are published in one of the issues of the periodical publication. The journal in which publications of applied or scientific character are presented is called the scientific journal. As a rule, this print publication is issued for experts in a specific area of science.

Also a research scientist can place his report in the proceedings of scientific conferences. Generally proceedings of scientific and practical international conference represents practical, theoretical and historical aspects of a certain issue on which research works are conducted at the moment.

A scientist needs to publish as a qualification work a monograph, which should be obligatory reviewed. A monograph is a work in which the author places emphasis on the solution of a certain issue and its research. Monographs can be both author's, and multi-authored.

An author's monograph is a monograph of classical type, which means presentation of results of certain researches. The manuscript of such a monograph is prepared by the scientist independently. The purpose of this publication is acquaintance of a wide range of readers with results of researches which were conducted by the scientist. As a rule, an author's monograph is published just before the defence of a thesis and is a result of long-term work of a scientist in any scientific branch.

A multi-authored monograph is a result of collaboration of several scientists solving one issue. In a multi-authored monograph the authorship of its certain sections often belongs to various scientists. Very often they are members of various Higher Education Institutions, but their researches are made in one scientific direction. A monograph of such type allows publishing results of research activity quickly, and also expanding a circle of relations among outstanding scientists.