For each self-respecting writer or research scientist publication of his works in various foreign journals, even if it is a simple electronic scientific journal, and publishing houses is of great importance for his career. Those who achieve the publication of their works abroad can move to qualitatively new level of professional activity which doesn't remain unnoticed from publishers and sponsors. The price of such success is rather high, however efforts are worth it.

If the work conforms to all the requirements and is written in a proper foreign language, there is a great chance that it will be selected for publication in a prestigious journal having a certain weight in the world of science. Working on articles the author not only strives for popularity and respect from colleagues, but also significantly increases his level of knowledge joining the international community.

The publication of scientific articles in foreign journals allows to all without exception authors to broaden their horizons. All this positively affects the increase in number of publications and their quoting. For this reason approval from foreign publishing houses plays an important role in professional career of each person anyway connected with publishing business.

Sending his work to scientific journals of an international level the author should remember that the main readers are English-speaking people. For this reason all indexes, names and other information are obligatory to be presented in English. Those data which aren't possible to translate into a foreign language should be given in Latin. In this case the essential role plays the ability to present the demanded information in one of the specified international systems of transliteration. Of course the level of knowledge of English has to be high, otherwise it will be hardly possible to convey the full meaning of the article and thus make it readable and clear. It is very important to be able to convey the main essence so that it comes forward and draws the attention. Remember that even the simplest subjects have to be fully understood by the reader.

Sometimes in a pursuit of number of publications of their articles in foreign journals authors send an application to scientific technical journals, scientific publishing houses which don't correspond to the subject of scientific work in any way. Such mistake quite often leads to the manuscript being rejected at once, even without its reviewing. Therefore the key moment is the choice of suitable publishing house the specifics of activity of which will fit the model of the article. It will help to increase chances of the publication.

To make sure that your activity is connected with the subject of the journal pay attention to the list of the topics covered in the journal, its target audience, reputation and restrictions for authors. If all points meet requirements and work fits the subject, the volume and the level, the author can send an application safely. If everything goes well and the work will be published, the state of the writer of being important will increase many times, and his professional qualities will be out of doubt. It is important for everyone who seriously reflects on further career of a research scientist.