We offer effective cooperation to all authors, colleague-publishers, reviewers, higher education institutions and other educational institutions.

Download the file with the offer to partners (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Cooperation with publishers

Dear colleague-publishers, together we will completely satisfy scientific needs of your authors for release of any scientific literature. Send requests to the address — [email protected] with the subject "Cooperation with publishers".

Cooperation with reviewers

We always require reviewers with scientific degrees in various fields of sciences, and especially, working in higher education institutions of Western Europe and the USA. If you wish to be a part of a pool of reviewers of the publishing house, send a CV with the description of your scientific achievements to the address [email protected] with the subject "Cooperation with reviewers", we will offer you collaboration options.

Cooperation with educational institutions, professorial chairs, dissertation committees, supervisors of studies

We offer special conditions on assignment of the output data and publication of scientific literature. Depending on the order volume a considerable discount for services will be offered. Send us your requests to this address: [email protected] with the subject "Cooperation with higher education institutions".

Cooperation with students and teachers

If you are a student, a graduate student or a teacher of any higher education institution in the territory of any country of the world, we are ready to offer you the status of our representative in your educational institution, city, region, and even in your country. Send us a CV to the address [email protected] with the subject "Cooperation with the representative", we will offer you collaboration options.