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List of publications for


If you have a ready-made text of a monograph or any other publication and you want to publish it, you can take the opportunity of receiving the most qualitative result for the money you have.

Why electronic format?

  • You have the foreign publication in the shortest terms, minimum term is 1 day. You have full legal authority for the intellectual property even if it is an electronic version.
  • You receive the electronic version of your book that has absolutely the same legal properties as a printed version. The electronic version already has all necessary requisites: Austrian ISBN and information on the Austrian publishing company (Vienna), all output data according to the international standards.
  • Moreover, of course the important parameter is the cost. We offer services of the Austrian quality at the price almost coinciding with the prices in the many other countries. Therefore, an electronic format of publication is an excellent option for the favorable and quick publication.


  • Publishing house: implementation of the order, being in Vienna and with use of lawfully received Austrian requisites.
  • Author: payment on the Austrian bank account of the organization in Euro or electronic purses, with no intermediaries.

Publishing options:

Please choose a package, fill in the application form for calculation of cost of services and send it to us for exact calculation of cost.
Regardless of the chosen package of services you will always receive excellent quality and the shortest terms of performance!

Basic Package
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Optimal Package
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Maximum Package
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Maximum Plus Package
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Cost 77 Euro from 97 Euro* from 197 Euro* from 297 Euro*
Advantages AdvantagesGives the opportunity to receive in a short time foreign ISBN and requisites of the Austrian publishing house and European printing office for the book which is planned to be published or for which there already is a dummy without output data. Convenient and simple option for the authors seeking to receive quickly the foreign publication and to strengthen positive impression of the scientific work at the minimum expenses. AdvantagesWill interest the authors clearly understanding the purpose of quick receiving professionally imposed dummy of the scientific book with the European requisites. A wonderful opportunity to save money and to receive qualitative result — the foreign publication. AdvantagesAllows the author to get free of all the cares and to provide all work to us – from positioning of the dummy of the cover and the text of the book to assistance to the author referring the order of the publication of the book in his/her city. An excellent option for the authors wishing to receive the best version of the foreign publication for the money available. AdvantagesGives the opportunity to the author to publish and sell the book in foreign Online stores. The best option for the authors who have two purposes — the scientific publication and sale of the intellectual property. The author gains all income from sale of the book.
Term of implementation 1 – 3 days after payment for services From 14 days after payment for services, depending on volume and complexity of positioning. From 21 days after payment for services, depending on volume and complexity of positioning. From 21 days after payment for services, depending on volume and complexity of positioning. Distribution of the book depends on Online stores — up to 4-5 months.
ISBN number, issued by Austria cross check check check
Output data of the Austrian publishing house (Vienna) and European printing office (at request) cross cross check check
Professional dummy of the publication in any printing office with possibility of free improvement of the dummy in accordance with requirements of a certain printing office. cross cross check check
Compact dummy of publication in PDF for convenient reading and transfer. cross cross check check
Professionally made book cover cross cross check check
Full maintenance of the process of publication and consultation referring optimum variants of publication cross cross check check
Consultation of the author about distribution of the book for sale in the largest Online stores – Amazon.com (300 million buyers a month) and Google Play (120 million buyers a month) cross cross check check
Distribution of the book in Amazon.com and Google Play Online stores cross cross check check

* the exact cost of services is calculated after receiving information about the planned publication (number of pages, images, etc.).

Additional services for any of the packages:

  • High-quality translation of the scientific text of any topic into English or German
  • Printing of the book and sending it to the author by mail
  • Positioning in a format for e-books (epub, etc.)
  • Position and placement of e-versions of the book in Amazon.com online store (is included in the Maximum Plus Package)
  • Positioning and placement of e-versions of the book in Google Play Online store (is included in the Maximum Plus Package)